Chemical Inventory

Biological, Biological Sample & Consumable Inventory

Complex module to handle biological samples that is tightly integrated with the chemical inventory. Covers all your needs for running a proper biological inventory with the following available sample types: Cell, Virus, Tissue, Fungi, Antibody, Bacteria, Parasite, Prion disease agent and others.

Biologicals, biological samples and consumables

LabCup’s biological inventory module provides effective biological sample tracking.

With this module biology laboratories can easily inventory and track their biological samples, distinguishing between cell, virus, tissue, fungi, antibody, bacteria, parasite, prion disease agent and other biological sample (such as blood, urine, etc.) types.

Each type can be customized individually; you can decide which fields are important for your organization to display and fill out, the rest can be disabled easily. Biological agent, safety, storage and ownership information are part of the datasheet of each type.

Every biological is unickly tracked by barcode/ID.

Built-in label printing templates are available, but you can create your own version selecting its content from numerous biology related data and then you can share your template with others.

Quantity tracking, cloning, repacking, removal (with indicating the reason) and offering features ease the everyday work of sample management.

Biologicals are easily shared between groups and across the campus (site), cutting costs and creating a more sustainable environment.

Stock take your biological inventory effectively by reading barcodes and set notification to alert you to the next occasion.

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Label printing templates

Built-in templates are available to label your samples, but you can also create your own version with the size, layout and information content you prefer. The template you designed can even be shared with others. For all this, an integrated label template editor with drag&drop function and extensive data access is at your disposal.

Sample removal with reason / Recycle bin

Delete your sample from inventory in case you have used it up or it bevame contaminated, etc. in order to keep your biological inventory clean.There are several options for indicating the reason for removal; this information will be availbale for reporting purposes. In case the sample was deleted accidentally, it can be restored from the Recycle bin for 30 days.

Move/Offer biologicals

Biologicals are easily shared between groups and across the campus (site), cutting costs and creating a more sustainable environment. You can move an item within your laboratory/group easily, but it is also possible to offer it to a certain research group or anyone who is interested.

Quantity tracking

Adjust the quantity of your sample by a slider approximately or enter the exact amount left in the tube. Consistent quantity tracking is beneficial for preparing accurate compliance reports.

Stock taking / Reconciliation

Easy-to-use tool to quickly check and correct the inventory list with:

  • -Responsible person notification
  • -Using a scanner (barcode, QR code, RFID etc.) or type in manually
  • -Storage location selection
  • -Frequency settings
  • -Suspend/continue possibility
  • -Report generation
Cloning and repacking items

You received exactly the same sample or you would pack an existing one into multiple parts, but want to avoid parallel registration? Use the Clone or Repackage functions to reduce administration time. You only need to provide the ownership and location details and your new sample is already registered with the original sample properties.

Data import/export

Your current database can be imported to LabCup via excel templates; not only biological sample information, but storage locations, users, labs, etc.

All data is the property of the user, and can be exported from the system at any time.

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