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Streamlining your laboratory with LabCup for a sustainable future


Laboratory Stewardship with LabCup

LabCup transforms laboratory management, reducing waste and promoting a safe work environment. It minimizes excess ordering and facilitates sharing resources, from chemicals to equipment, while tracking usage and maintenance. This approach not only extends asset longevity but also curtails environmental impact and energy consumption and avoids chemical buildup, fostering a safer, greener lab environment.

Assets’ Lifetime extended

LabCup enables to improve efficiency:

  • -By proper follow up on calibration and maintenance
  • -By proper follow up issues (issue reporting) and quick service
  • -Reduced transaction costs by ease of use booking system and sharing
  • -Through Labcup you can offer unused equipments, that might be useful for other departments, and so reduce the amount of electrical waste
Energy Consumption

Reduce energy consumption by proper sorting and storage, different storage temperatures. With these steps, the energy consumption could be decreased (for example, temperature set points for ULT freezers).

Energy consumption of the assets can be stored in LabCup.

Reduce Hazardous Waste- Chemical’s Life Cycle Management

LabCup provides a SaaS that supports its customers to follow the chemicals during the whole life-cycle. LabCup enables to improve efficiency:

  • -Reduce the amount of unnecessarily ordered chemicals - encourage source reduction.
  • -Amount - through sharing the chemicals, make them available for other departments
  • -Amount - through sharing the chemicals, make them available for other departments
  • -Amount - through Life expiry warnings
  • -Packaging - for example for dry ice, ice packs and Styrofoam boxescan be offered for other labs and reused

Lesser, reduced impact on the environment and human health is ensured through Chemical’s life cycle management. The human health could be also saved knowing exactly what kind of dangerous chemicals the researchers are working in the lab. The safety search comes is very handy when somebody, working in the laboratory, gets pregnant, or for other reasons you need a list of hazardous chemicals.

Cloud Service vs. On Premise Solution Footprint

As LabCup provides cloud-based services, we significantly reduce the long term ecological footprint of the project.

Please find below the statement of Amazon, about the proposed AWS cloud environmental impact:

“In addition to addressing environmental risks, we also incorporate sustainability considerations into our data center design. AWS has a long-term commitment to use 100% renewable energy. When companies move to the AWS Cloud from on-premises infrastructure, they typically reduce carbon emissions by 88% because our data centers can offer environmental economies of scale. Organizations generally use 77% fewer servers, 84% less power, and tap into a 28% cleaner mix of solar and wind power in the AWS Cloud versus their own data centers. To find out more about our sustainability initiatives and to track our progress, visit”

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