Chemical Inventory

Emergency and Digital Floorplan

Laboratory Safety

Hazard mapping, live emergency information, compliance with flammable quantity limitations

The Emergency module allows response teams to have advance access to aggregated hazard information in the format they require, giving them a visual overview of any location they are about to enter. This information can also be accessed from outside in a secure manner if required.

The organisation can also comply with limitations of hazardous materials across zones or buildings.

Visual settings of the floorplan is customisable in a very practical manner.

Live hazard information

Summary of asset related safety pictograms (prohibition, mandatory and warning signs) are displayed on floorplans. You can check it asset by asset or view an aggregated pictogram set by laboratory.

Safety equipment locations

Locations of extinguishers, spill kits, eye washes, and any other safety equipment

Hazard and flammable level limits

Levels of flammables (or any other hazard classes) can be set with the use of compliance module. The safety status of the laboratory is displayed on the floorplan in the form of colour-coded exclamation mark, while the applied maximum allowable quantities (MAQs) are listed by clicking on it.

Assets and MAQ on the Digital Floorplan

Assets can be marked on the digital flooplan, after users can see their basic information and the belonging safety pictograms. Levels of maximum allowable quantities (MAQ) of certain hazard classes can be set with the use of compliance module. The applied MAQs and their safety status are listed by clicking on the colour-coded exclamation mark.

Different layers in Digital Floorplan

The floorplan displays the laboratories, safety markers, assets, MAQs and (Asset) Safety Signs in the uploaded blueprint. To avoid congestion, you can switch off each of the above categories with unchecking the box of the appropriate layer.

Booking assets directly from the Digital Floorplan

Booking of an asset can be easily managed by clicking on the "book" link in the asset information tooltip.

Live information

Emergency response

In times of emergency, it is vital that emergency response teams know exactly what hazards are on campus – otherwise they can not deal with the incident.

LabCup provides fire crews with live information on what hazards are present across campus, and in what quantities. This can be accessed via the cloud before they even arrive on campus – allowing them to immediately enter the area and deal with the situation.

Just click on the floorplan, on the area of interest to access the necessary information.

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